Letter from the Chairman

2020 will go down in history as a year that none of us can ever forget—no matter how much we would like to. It was a year of turmoil, fear, and reckoning. Yet for the regulated fund industry, this has also proven to be a year of resilience, transition, and great hope.

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George C. W. Gatch

Chief Executive Officer
J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Investment Company Institute

A Conversation with Paul Schott Stevens

Hear ICI President Emeritus Paul Schott Stevens describe his leadership experiences at ICI through a lens of five chapters of time.

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Paul Schott Stevens

President Emeritus

Investment Company Institute

One of the great things about ICI is that members come together to manage risks, to make sure that we all can keep our promises to our shareholders. It’s a place where ICI does some of its most meaningful work on behalf of our members.

Paul Schott Stevens, President Emeritus

Roundtable: The Fund Industry’s Response to COVID-19

ICI leaders share their thoughts on how the Institute and the fund industry have navigated the COVID-19 crisis, what they’ve learned from the experience, and where the industry might go from here.

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Patrice Bergé-Vincent, Managing Director, ICI Global
Marty Burns, Chief Industry Operations Officer, ICI
Susan Olson, General Counsel, ICI

This is an exciting time to join ICI and its members as they navigate a robust policy and regulatory agenda.

Eric J. Pan, President and CEO

2020 Accomplishments

See highlights of where ICI marshaled the expertise of members and the talents of staff to address issues and opportunities across the spectrum of regulatory, legislative, and public debates affecting funds around the globe.

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